Ireland - Bunscoil Buachaillí Réalt na Mara, Mornington

Our school is called BunscoilBuachaillíRéaltna Mara, which is the Irish for Star of the Sea Boys’ Primary School. We are an all boys primary school ranging from 4-12 years of age with approximately 470 boys. We are situated 40 km north of Dublin city. We have a special interest in environmental issues, sports, and the arts. We have boys from all over the world in our school, including, Albania,Austria,CzechRepublic,Italy, Lithuania,Mongolia,Poland,Portugal,Romania and Spain. We are very keen to develop cultural links with these and other countries, while developing our elearning skills. We are a very active school and take part in a lot of sporting activities. Our school have had really great experiences with etwinning and Comenius projects in the past and want to experience that type of collaboration with European schools through the Erasmus system. We are looking forward to participating with the school in Holice in particular as we have worked with them and visited each others' schools in 2012-2014 and are really keen for them to see how much our schools have grown and changed. We are thrilled with the theme of the project. Our teachers have a lot of expertise in history and we are proud that our school is just a few kilometres away from a major UNESCO site here as we are located in County Meath, home to Newgrange and indeed, to a host of other sites such as Tara and Dowth which are part of our Ancient East tourism trail. Our pupils are involved in another European project this year and our whole school are fully engaged in the whole process of discovery about Europe, it's history, culture and politics. This project is a good basis for our exploration of other European themes next year.

We have a team of teachers in place to lead our Erasmus project next year and they are fully supported by all of our teaching staff. Some of our teachers are fluent in Spanish, German and French. Some teachers are keen historians with a deep interest in our UNESCO heritage along with indepth knowledge of our local UNESCO site in Newgrange County Meath. Most of our teachers have been involved in our Comenius project of 2012-2014 and have gained a lot of expertise in the development, co-ordination and work associated with such a project. Our staff work exceptionally well as a team. We are involved in etwinning portal and have engaged with other European teachers and students in projects and in educational courses. We regularly take part in field trips and tours in our locality and enjoy leading other teams and students around our ancient heritage through a variety of means via the internet, post or in person. Key persons: We have a great team who are all eager to partake in this project–Our Erasmus Project committee consists of OrlaCarragher, Rhona Dunne, Niall Arthur, Denis Lynch and Eimear O’Brien. This committee will co-ordinate the project and school level and are fully supported by the staff of the school and by the school Principal Ms Cepta Burke.

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