Poland - Szkola Podstawowa nr 66 im. Marii Sklodowskiej-Curie, Poznan

Szkola Podstawowa im. Marii Skolodowskiej-Curie is the regular elementary School in Poznan, students aged 7-16. It is situated in the Wielkopolska Region, Poznan. There are about 850 students in our school and 75 professional teachers.Taking into account our educational system our school is called „School with high standards“ as it is perceived to be the school which provides education for a very talented and gifted students as well for those with special needs.All integrated students have their own individualized educational programmes.Our school is said to be the „green school“ taking part in international ecological projects e.g. Erasmus project “Let's help” and other school projects.We are keen on ecological and healthy issues. There are regular educational garden meetings for biology students (twice a month).Our students regularly attend ecological lectures at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan.So far 120 students have been taken part in ecological campaign called „The Earth Day“. Being a regular and active member of mentioned lectures, give our student the awareness of such problem as: the sources of dangerous contamination of air, water and soil and the ways of preventing them successfully.Our schools concentrates on professional language education. During the lessons and meetings with native speaker (twice a month) not only do they improve their language skills but they have an opportunity to solve ecological threats in Poland and in the world. We would like to take part in this new project because we believe that for our students who live in a region so rich in culture and history, it’s becoming increasingly important to be familiar with their own regional environment for becoming aware of their own identity and cultural background.

Poznan belongs to the UNESCO world heritage. We have a great, experienced team of teachers in our school Poznan who is going to co-ordiante the project at all levels which is fully supported by the headmistress. Key persons: 1) the headmistress - the legal person, responsible for management and leadership, administrative and supervising skills. 2) the vice-principal - a biology teacher- management, supervising, administrative and communicative skills, a participant of a previous project 4) The English language teacher - a participant in one former project, language, communicative and organizational skills. 5) the accountant - has already experienced from working on a previous project 6) other specialised teachers and all pupils who will participate in a various project activities A lot of teachers at our school participate and have a broad knowledge with carrying out different kinds of project so they can easily cooperate and help each other.

For more information please visit official website: www.sp66.poznan.pl