P39 - Coordinators´meeting – Lithuania

Coordinators´ meeting - the coordinators´meeting will take place during the short-term exchange C4 (Lithuania). Coordinators will evaluate the results and outcomes reached so far, they will talk about the positives and negatives. In order to prevent any problems, they are going to discuss difficulties that partner schools have to overcome during the project process. And, if there are some, they will make a solution and be helpful. They will also plan the activities and duties that are coming in the following period.

During our online coordinators´ meeting we discussed things that have been finished recently, activities that need to be done during the next period. We also talked about the pandemic situation in each country, what held us back from working on our planned activites or what could have been done in a different way. Also the exchange of new successful teaching methods took place during the online meeting. 

You can download it hereLITH_Erasmus_coordinators_meeting.docx

Here you can download the minutes from the meeting: P39_Coordinators_meeting_in_Lithuania.docx