P29 - Project day - "Intangible cultural herritage"

Project Day “Intangible cultural herritage“- each school will prepare a project day aimed to present the local intangible cultural heritage and there will be a video as a result of this project day. The videos will be shown on short term exchange of pupils in Czech republic. The part of video festival will be a practical workshop when each country will prepare lesson containing local intangible herritage. The project day will be for all students from each partner school. All videos will be placed on the project website.

Since the conditions for schools are still different (some schools are closed due to the pandemic situation), we decided to carry out our project day online. We were making puppets from paper tubes and strings and we had lots of fun together. Here are pictures from our project day:

Here you can have a look at padlets created by students and mapping the Intangible heritage in their country: