P34 - Project photobook

Project photobook : a book mapping the whole project will be produced. The book will contain reports and photos, mainly from the short-term exchanges and from the project activities. The coordinating school will be in charge of producing the book.

P35 - Bulletin 2

Bulletin 2 - Summary of the second year project activities.The Erasmus Club will summarize all activities that have been done so far and add photos. The bulletin will be printed and distributed to pupils at school, parents and the local community.

P44 - ,,Vivat UNESCO" Garden party

,,Vivat UNESCO" Garden party - the final project celebration to promote European Union and its benefits to involved countries and also good practise of primary school education. We would like to invite our guests from partners schools, coordinators, members of Erasmus+ club, students , teachers and even local community. One of the part of the garden party will be festival of intangible heritage. We would like to share typical national habits, traditions, dances etc. The festival is supposed to give us good and wide overview of traditions to have a comparism and to help us understand to cultural differences throgh the Europe and Nations.

P43 - The Pilgrim Diary – during C5 in the Czech Republic

The Pilgrim Diary - this activity will take place during each short-term exchange. Members of all Erasmus Clubs will be in charge of writing a report from the short- term exchange. Each partner school club will be responsible for reporting one day from the short-term exchange. The reports will be shared on the eTwinning platform for the Irish students so that they are updated.

P42 – Video reportage from the visit in the Czech Republic (C5)

Video reportage - this activity will take place during each short term exchange, members of all Erasmus Clubs (with the help of teachers) are going to make/take part in a video reportage from the local UNESCO site visit. The Erasmus Club from the hosting school will be in charge of preparing the screenplay, shooting and finalizing the video. The other Erasmus Clubs will help and act in the video.

P41 – The project UNESCO sites map – the Czech Republic

The project UNESCO sites map: we plan to create a map of Europe on canvas, all partner countries with their symbols and UNESCO sites will be marked/painted there. The map will travel from school to school on the short term exchange. Map will be created step by step according to the hosting country. So this time the general Europe map and then the Polish part will be created.

P40 - Coordinators´meeting

Coordinators´ meeting -this is the last coordinators´meeting of the project. The coordinators´meeting will take place during the short-term exchange of groups C5 (The Czech Republic). Coordinators will evaluate the results and outcomes reached, they will evaluate the project and discuss the formal ending of the project.

C5 - Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils – the Czech Republic

Due to the pandemic situation our fifth and last mobility has to be carried out online again. We really hoped that we would be able to meet face to face and say good bye to our partners and friends but unfortunately it was not possible to arrange. So here we are: having our meetings online, making videos, playing games, watching UNESCO sites and having virtual excursions... But we are all now used to that. So let´s enjoy our last moments together.

P32 - Excursion

Excursion - the visit of the School of Restoration or any other similar institution. Members of Erasmus club will gain neccessary information there to be able to imagine the process of restoration. Members of Erasmus clubs will prepare ppt presentations for other sutdents and teachers and they will write a report for the local newspapers. We will also use this excursion as one of the mean of carreer consultation.

P29 - Project day - "Intangible cultural herritage"

Project Day “Intangible cultural herritage“- each school will prepare a project day aimed to present the local intangible cultural heritage and there will be a video as a result of this project day. The videos will be shown on short term exchange of pupils in Czech republic. The part of video festival will be a practical workshop when each country will prepare lesson containing local intangible herritage. The project day will be for all students from each partner school. All videos will be placed on the project website.